Best Gravy Recipes

Best Gravy Recipes

Best Gravy Recipes: Top Principles And Secrets

The delicious, luscious and silky gravy is what you need to grace your special occasion. If you have ever eaten it somewhere like a friend’s home or a restaurant, you are aware of how tasty it is. Everyone wants to know the best gravy recipes and when tried out it becomes not only pasty but also gluey and too thick or sometimes too thin. This is quite a disappointing thing to happen to you while you are cooking the gravy which is basically very simple to cook.

You need to fear no more, there are a few principles you could use in your best gravy recipes to ensure they turn out perfect. To begin with, most people end up with lumps in their gravy. To avoid them, you should consider using a wire whisk while stirring the gravy. This is a simple way to ensure that there are no lumps formed in your gravy. Secondly, you should ensure that the flour is thoroughly mixed and cooked with fat before you proceed with the recipe you are using. If the two don’t get well cooked, you are not likely to get the best gravy.

The final principle you should adhere to, to make a difference while you are cooking your gravy is to use the seasonings, especially salt. Most people forget using salt to add taste. Without it and pepper the gravy may seem tasteless.  Having known the important principles which should be used in all your best gravy recipes, it is time to consider various tips and secrets to use while preparing your gravy so as to make it the best. First of all, you need to have the right ingredients in place. If you are cooking turkey gravy, which is quite popular amongst many people, you will need to have three to four basic things. To begin with, you need fat that is well seasoned like lard or butter, flour, turkey broth of good quality and finally some seasonings which will include salt and pepper.

Depending on the number of people who will be eating your turkey gravy, consider going for the right ratios for each of the ingredients. This is quite important as it will ensure that your gravy does not turn out to be so hard or soft. This will ruin any of your best gravy recipes that you are cooking. The common ratio to use for perfect results is for each one cup of cooked gravy you want to achieve; you will be required to use a tablespoon of fat and flour, and a cup of the turkey broth.

Finally, as you are cooking the broth, you should ensure you add the ingredients in the correct order. Many people ruin their best gravy recipes by following the wrong order and not adhering to required level of cooking. Generally melt the fat, add the floor while under moderate heat, mix the two for about two minutes until they start browning. You could then add the broth and lastly the seasoning. Ensure nothing sticks in your pan as you are cooking.

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